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  • 2017 YDA Premiere Announced

    2017 YDA Premiere Announced

    Join the Youth Documentary Academy’s newest class of filmmakers at the premiere screening of their films on November 4th, 2017 at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College.

  • I am a filmmaker

    I am a filmmaker

    What I love most about filmmaking is that you can take these touchy topics that no one really discusses and through film you can approach these topics anyway you want. That's what most of us in YDA do, we shed light on topics that are taboo and we tackle them with an intensity of professionals in this business.

    Antreise Lacey

  • YDA Wins an Emmy!

    YDA Wins an Emmy!

    Filmmaker Madison Legg wins a EMMY for her YDA produced film, UNDER THE WIRE

  • Mia Elliott

    Mia Elliott

    I learned first-hand that film has such an incredible power. It can jump start conversation, impose questions, and alter a person's way of thinking.

    Mia Elliott

  • YDA Partners with RMPBS

    YDA Partners with RMPBS

    We are excited to work with the Youth Documentary Academy and looking forward to what the possibilities are in the future. These are talented filmmakers.

    Laura Frank, President and General Manager, PBS News

  • AJ Vafiades

    AJ Vafiades

    The reason I got into film was to inspire others. I love the feeling I get watching a movie that impacts my mood so greatly. I want to do that for others. I love the idea of being able to move someone to tears or make them burst into laughter. I want to be a film maker and that's what YDA taught me to be.

    AJ Vafiades

  • YDA Goes to DC

    YDA Goes to DC

    Bringing the films onto a national stage is huge. It’s an opportunity for the kids to engage nationally and it’s also a way for YDA to launch a community outreach program and get the films out into the world.

    Tom Shepard

  • I am a filmmaker.

    I am a filmmaker.

    I live in a military community and I made a film about my dad's PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and how it impacted my family. Sharing the film with my family has made our relationships better. And now that the film has been released, a lot of young people are thanking me for telling this story.

    Bailey Francisco

  • I am a filmmaker

    I am a filmmaker

    I made my film to create awareness for those my age, and all ages who have been or still are victims of Domestic Violence of any kind. I wanted to share my story and give hope for anyone who had experienced anything like it.

    Rebecca St. John

The Youth Documentary Academy (YDA) trains young people how to direct and produce their own documentary films. For seven weeks, students between the ages of 14 and 18 learn all aspects of documentary filmmaking from professional filmmakers, faculty, and guest artists. More about us.

We need programs like the Youth Documentary Academy to help harness the talent of our young people and to provide them with hope. That they are driven to tell stories from their own communities and develop a craft to do so is a real gift to all of us.

David Dahlin, President, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center